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FP10CD is sent from the clinic to the dispensary after consultation.



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What conditions can medical cannabis can help?

At Mamedica, we exist to improve the lives of patients through pioneering the use of medical cannabis. For those living with a chronic condition, medical cannabis may be able to support you.

Around 15.5 million people within the UK live with chronic (long term, not necessarily severe) pain. Many of whom are treated with strong painkillers such as opioids which can produce negative side effects and run the risk of developing a dependency. For patients who have tried conventional treatments that have not helped, medical cannabis can often provide benefits to those living with a chronic pain condition.

Cannabinoids can work in partnership with the body to stimulate the brain’s cannabinoid receptors to interfere with the biochemical pain signalling system to reduce pain levels. It can also assist in improving the quality of life for people living in pain, support them in managing their symptoms and alleviate the side effects of using other, ineffective drugs such as strong painkillers.


Mental health conditions are common amongst today’s society. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people experience a mental health issue each year. Sufferers of conditions such as anxiety, PTSD, depression or insomnia who have found traditional medicines to be ineffective, could benefit from medical cannabis treatment in combination or as an alternative.


Around 1 in 6 people will be diagnosed with a Neurological condition in their lifetime.

Neurology relates to any condition or problem associated with the nervous system. This encompasses a vast range of over 600 conditions which can be linked to damage to the brain, spinal column, or peripheral nerves. Medical cannabis can be a beneficial medical alternative in reducing neurological symptoms and offering an increased quality of life.

Medical cannabis works in partnership with the body’s endocannabinoid system to regulate pain via the central and peripheral nervous system. Patients who find that their neurological conditions are not supported through traditional medication can find new and often positive outcomes when using medical cannabis to treat their conditions symptoms.


Gastroenterological conditions relate to digestion. Illnesses can be associated with areas of the body such as the stomach, rectum, anus, throat, small and large intestine. Estimates suggest that 86% of British adults have suffered from a gastroenterological issue at some point in their lives, with many having symptoms that impact on them on a day-to-day basis.

Medical cannabis has been proven to be a highly useful alternative when conventional treatments have not provided relief from gastroenterological conditions. The cannabinoids can support the body through reduction in inflammation of the intestines and stomach as well as regulation of digestion.

To find out more about what conditions associated with gastroenterological we can help treat, please click read more below.

Cancer / Oncology

Cancer is a common condition which affects 1 in 2 people in the UK. Clinical evidence has found that medical cannabis has been of use in situations where traditional method has not helped, or when side effects from conventional treatments are severe (such as during chemotherapy and radiotherapy.)


Palliative Care

Palliative Care focuses on managing symptoms of terminal illnesses for those who are near the end of their lives. The function of palliative care is to improve the quality of life and independence of a patient in the time they have left.

Our Pharmacy
Our Pharmacy

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